Namo Recharge
NAMO RECHARGE is multi utility service provider We offer online platform for Mobile recharge, Bill Payment , DTH Purchase / Recharge, Air Ticket Booking and many other services We work on Distributor / Franchisee model of business and dont cater to end user directly
Why Should I Join NAMO RECHARGE ?
Offers opportunity for additional source of "Recurring" Income from existing setup Very Afforable membership charge Very easy to use and operate. If you can operate Mobile phone, you can join and start earning. Higher Footfall on your business premises No need to carry multiple mobile SIM Cards (demo cards ) for recharging or carrying multiple mobile phones Operate business with almost ZERO Stock / Inventory Multile services on single platform. Automated Commission payments and many more.........
Is there any charges to join NAMO RECHARGE ? if yes, how much ?
Yes, the is charge to join NAMO RECHARGE Charges vary for distributors and franchisee but you can rest assure it is very nominal Contact us for more details
What can I Earn by Joining NAMO RECHARGE ?
This depends upon the location of your existing business or your friend / businss circle. Earing is directly linked to business volume , so more you do more you earn.
Do I need any infrastructure for using becoming Member ?
You don't need any special infrasturcture to become member A mobile phone will be enough as our website can be operated from SMS An internet connection would be advantageous.
Do I Need to provide any proof while I apply for membership ? if yes, what Paper should I provide. ?
Yes, we will need photo identity proof and address proof to grant membership Photo ID proof like Driving License, Voter ID Card, PAN Card is valid proof For address proof we accept electricity bill, telephone bill or any other government recognized proof. You will also have to sign a contract with NAMO RECHARGE before starting work.
Is Membership fee is refundable ?
No, membership fees are not refundable.
Why did my recharge not happen?
One has to understand that Recharging is based on availablity of telecom network and 100% uptime of telecom networks. All recharging requests are forwarded for processing to Network but sometimes, we face delay from the telecom networks and they do not respond within a few seconds.In such a scenario we keep trying for 24 hours repeatedly. In this time, if we get connectivity, your recharge is delivered. But if after trying for upto 24 hours, the recharge does not happen, we automatically refund your money. The only reason why at times your recharge does not happen is because the telecom networks do not always enjoy a very reliable connectivity.
How do I get the refund of the money I deducted from my account ?
If after our retrying to process your order for upto 24 hours, you do not get your recharge in 24 hours, we will automatically refund your money into your account for your later use. Please be assured that your money is kept safe by us only to recharge. In a rare scenario if your money still does not appear in your account after 24 hours, please immediately write an email to info@NAMO with your order number. However, this is a very rare situation and your money will get refunded in your account automatically within 24 hours.